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Auto Transport
Auto Transport


What is Auto Transport

Auto Transport

Auto Transport, Car Shipping, Auto hauling, Car Moving- we can go on and on with the different names for transporting a vehicle from one place to another. Chances are good that you may have a need for the service of transporting a car from origin to destination at least once in your life! Auto Transport can be nerve-wracking as you are handing over the keys to your precious vehicle, trusting that the company you hired is legitimate and will get your car there correctly, without delay, stress, or frustration. Choosing a carrier can be difficult, especially if it is your first time, but you are not in this alone. Our company is dedicated to educating consumers about Auto Transport, and if you trust us, we recommend  A+ Rated auto transporters to ensure you have the top-level care! 

What kinds of Auto Transport services are offered

In the industry of auto transport, if it has an engine – running or not – and can be loaded by a forklift or wench, it can be transported! Some auto transport services are more straightforward than others, but for the sake of keeping it simple, if it has a motor and it needs to be transported, FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online can help find the RIGHT company for you!

There are many services offered by auto transport companies, but let’s keep it high level and discuss some of the most popular services requested:

  1. Enclosed Auto Transport
  2. Open-Air Auto Transport
  3. Boat Transport by Land
  4. Yacht Transport by Sea
  5. Motorcycle Shipping
  6. Exotic Car Transport
  7. Classic Car Transport
  8. Heavy Equipment Transport
  9. RV, Camper, 5th Wheel Transport


There are a lot of potential possibilities and trying to find the right company for YOUR specific job could be challenging. Thanks to FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online and our partners, we can bring all of that research to one reliable place. Here, you will find tons of information about who offers what services so you- the valued customer- can decide what company you would like to hire. 

Here at FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online, we will happily help our loyal readers find the best auto transport service in America! Just fill out the easy to use the form, and our partner will reach out with a no-obligation quote on your next auto transport need! FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online does not sell your information to multiple sources like some sites may do. We have partnered with one trusted source to deliver the utmost quality of service, this is our guarantee! 

Frequently Asked Questions about Auto Transport

This question depends entirely on where the startpoint and endpoint are for your transport. As one might expect, shipping to Hawaii or Alaska will take additional time and require additional paperwork. Typical deliveries are completed within a week’s time.

The sooner you know about your need for auto transport, call and book. This will allow the company to schedule your transport in advance and help keep your prices low. 

Vehicle pricing has a lot of factors. Pricing primarily depends on start and end location, the size and weight of the vehicle, if the vehicle is functional, and if open or closed transport was selected by the customer.  Vehicle weight and whether it is working or not make a lot of difference in prices. Call around or fill out our online quote for a much more accurate, free estimate. 

Yes. Unfortunately, there are many factors that go into auto transport pricing and prices have been known to fluctuate with the

Depending on the company chosen, yes. Some companies ship only to the continental 48 states, while others ship around the world.

For the most part, yes. If you are concerned with the safety of your vehicle, we recommend enclosed auto transport for that additional level of safety for your vehicle. 

Typically no. Drivers will drive onto and off of the trucks or ships, but that is typically the extent that your vehicle will be driven.  

Yes. Weight does make a difference when transporting vehicles. Additionally, if transporting a vehicle out of the country or to Hawaii, some restrictions may apply. 

With any good company, yes. Your car should be covered by the auto transporter. Inquire about this in advance! 

An auto broker simplifies the process of auto transport and makes sure the customer knows exactly what paperwork needs to be filled out. Finding an auto transport provider can be a bit tricky. Brokers know what companies they trust and are willing to work with and have come to understand and expect what would otherwise be unexpected.  

How to get an Auto Transport Quote

Auto Transport

Review by FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online makes it super easy to get a quote from us! Just fill out the simple form and our partner will email you the quote. It’s that simple! We have done all of the research for you and make sure our customers have all of the facts up front. Getting a quote online is as simple as filling out our form. We guarantee our friendly, honest, and responsible team of auto transport experts will guide you through the process, whether this is your first experience with an auto transport company or your hundredth!

Once you have reviewed our quote, you will then speak to our customer service representative. Once our services have been chosen, our driver will contact you to finalize the pickup. When the driver arrives, rest assured that proper COVID-19 protocols will be followed. There will be an inspection of the vehicle by the owner and the driver. During this inspection, notes will be recorded of any existing marks, scratches, dings, dents, or  imperfections on the car. This process is done with the owner and he/she then signs off stating all identified marks on the inspection report are indeed accurate. Our company uses state of the art equipment to transport your vehicle. Within seven days or less- this number varies according to your driver and destination location- your vehicle will be delivered to your desired door!

Review by FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online guarantees you will be satisfied when shipping your vehicle with a professional.  In uncertain times, give yourself the gift of certainty and use FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online to get the best free auto transport quote in America!

To submit a quote, you will need to supply some necessary information:

  • Customer Name
  • Email Address for Quote
  • Cell Phone Number
  • Year Make Model of vehicle
  • Type of Transport: Enclosed/Open
  • Condition of Vehicle
  • Zip Code Pick Up
  • Zip Code Drop Off
  • Ideal Date of Pickup
  • Any additional comments and concerns

This information is pretty standard anywhere you go online to get a free auto transport quote because any company will need to know the exact requirements for transporting your specific vehicle. The issue most consumers run into is they do not know which company provides transports for which types of vehicles. Transporting a boat, for example, is much different than transporting an RV or simply relocating a car. Submitting information everywhere can lead to contact overload. This is why FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online began. We understood there is a lot of noise in the space. We allow you to get through it and cut to the chase! You need the best value and best service possible. FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online does not claim to have the lowest prices. “Cheapest Auto Transport” can lead to a nightmare.  It’s best to hire a company with a track record of successful miles! 

If you are in need of a fast, free auto transport quote online, you have come to the right place. The experts will agree – you are in good hands!  Get your free car shipping quote today; just fill out the form, and our agents will be reaching out to assist you further. We acknowledge the trust it takes to ship a car, and we understand – our expert team is exceptional, and our partner’s reviews speak for themselves! 

Get a Fast, Free Auto Transport Quote by filling out this form:

How to get an Enclosed Auto Transport Quote

Enclosed auto transport is the safest way to get high-value vehicles from point A to B. Did you know that enclosed trailers come in different varieties allowing the customer to have more control of the transport? Most enclosed auto transport companies have designed services that are custom-tailored around the needs of their customers, especially our partners. When shipping a vehicle enclosed transport, it’s expected that you will have the highest level of service. 

Exotic Auto Transport is usually the largest category of customers using enclosed auto carriers. Most Ferrari and Lamborghini owners prefer to have their vehicles shipped in a hard-sized enclosed trailer. These trailers are much more secure than their Soft-Sided Enclosed trailer cousin. Rest assured, any enclosure when transporting your exotic car is going to be more appropriate than open-air auto carriers.

Hard-Sided vs. Soft-Sided Enclosed Trailer:

  • Soft-Sided Trailer – this type of enclosed trailer has a softer vinyl canvas covering that is draped and secured over the car hauler. This is an excellent option above Open-Air car hauling.
  • Hard-Sided Trailer – the best way to ship high valued vehicles is the hard-sided enclosed trailer. This gives the most support against weather, wind-blown road debris, and unforeseen flying objects. 
  • When getting an enclosed auto transport quote, make sure the company has excellent reviews! We have done the research and if you need enclosed auto transport, just fill out our no-obligation quote, and our team will email you. Our mission is to create lifelong customers, and we will always go the extra mile!
    Auto Transport

    Get a Fast, Free Enclosed Auto Transport Quote by filling out this form:

    How to get a Motorcycle Transport Quote

    What is Motorcycle Transport

    1. Open-Air Motorcycle Transport
    2. Enclosed Motorcycle Transport
    3. ATV/Snowmobile Transport
    4. Door To Door Service
    5. Motorcycle Crating & Shipping
    Motorcycle Transport

    Motorcycles are transported around the country often! There are two significant differences in motorcycle transport quotes: enclosed motorcycle transport & open-air motorcycle transport. Open Air Motorcycle transport is going to be the most economical method of getting your motorcycle shipped. Our drivers do the best they can, placing motorcycles behind the back of the truck instead of the way at the end of the trailer, but open-air trailers come with a higher risk for your beloved motorcycle. If you have a motorcycle that is of higher value, enclosed motorcycle transport is the ideal way to get your motorcycle moved. With enclosed motorcycle trailers, your scooter is going to be riding in a garage to its destination! Many Ducati and custom chopper owners choose enclosed trailer options when shipping their motorcycles!

    Types of Motorcycles we Transport:

    1. Sports Bikes
    2. Dirt Bikes
    3. Exotic Motorcycles
    4. Classic Motorcycles
    5. Trikes
    6. Touring Bikes
    7. ATV
    8. Snowmobiles

    Do you need a motorcycle shipped? Many will say they can do it, but few really can get it done to the level our customers demand. Shipping high-end motorcycles is a craft of the trade and should be handled by experienced professionals—review by FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online has done the research and has found that our partners indeed display the highest level of motorcycle transport competence! 

    Getting a quote for motorcycle transport is as simple as filling out this form below. Our 3 Step Process to shipping your motorcycle works out like this:

    1. Fill our information and receive a quote. Our customer service team reaches out and schedules the pickup. Once the pickup is prepared, the driver assigned to the transport will reach out to you.
    2. The driver will finalize when the pickup occurs and where. Once the driver arrives, a full inspection of the motorcycle will be conducted for quality assurance. The owner of the motorcycle will sign off on the transport, and the driver can get underway.
    3. The driver gives a window of delivery, delivers the bike, owner and driver inspect to ensure no damages, owner signs off on Bill of Lading, and the job is complete. It really is that simple!

    Information Needed to Ship A Motorcycle:

  • Customer Name
  • Email Address for Quote
  • Cell Phone Number
  • Year Make Model of Motorcycle
  • Type of Motorcycle Shipping: Enclosed/Open/Crated & Shipped
  • Condition of Motorcycle
  • Zip Code Pick Up
  • Zip Code Drop Off
  • Ideal Date of Pickup
  • And maybe some additional comments and concerns
  • Get a Fast, Free Motorcycle Transport Quote by filling out this form:

    How to get a Boat Transport Quote

    Boat Transport

    Get a Fast, Free Boat Transport Quote by filling out this form:

    Boat Transport by Land or Sea. Our Marine Transport Department can transport your boat by land up to 50 feet in length if you don’t have a trailer, no problem! Our captain and his crew of responsible boat transporters are here to serve!

    Types of Boat Transported

  • Boat Transport
  • Motorboat Transport
  • Sailboat Transport
  • Jetski Transport
  • Pontoon Boat Transport
  • Hovercraft Transport
  • Fishing Boat Transport
  • Canoe Transport
  • Airboat Transport
  • Boat Transport by Land up to 50 Feet – With or Without a Trailer. Our Marine Transporters know exactly what has to be done!

    Boat Transport by Sea up to 185 Feet – Fishing vessels, houseboats, sailboats, and other large boats that can not travel easily on land, our captain and crew will get it where it needs to go! Not everyone can say they have these skills.

    Boat Transport From Florida to the Bahamas – Looking to have a captain bring your fishing vessel from Florida to the Bahamas? Our captain and his crew are on call for your boat transport to the Bahamas!

    Types of Boat Transported

    1. Shipping Boat From What Zip Code
    2. Shipping Boat To What Zip Code
    3. Shipping Date Requested
    4. Year, Make & Model of Boat
    5. Length Of Boat
    6. Transporting By Land or By Sea
    7. Has a Trailer Yay or Nay
    8. Any important details you need to share to make the boat shipping perfect

    How to get a Yacht Transport Quote

    1. A yacht owner expects an unpredicted level of excellence when her or his yacht is being transported. Vessels up to 185 feet can be transported anywhere in the world! Our captain and crew are highly skilled and well versed in some of the finest ships floating in Florida. 

    Types of Yacht Transport

  • Yacht Transport
  • Ship Transport
  • Ferry Transport
  • Trawler Transport
  • Boat Transport by Sea
  • Sailboat Transport
  • Schooner Transport
  • Racing Boat Transport
  • Racing Yacht Transport
  • Mega Yacht Transport
  • Superyacht Transport
  • Commercial Marine Vessel Transport
  • Motor Yacht Transport
  • If you need a yacht up to 185 feet transported from one marina to another, our Marine Transport Department is ready to speak with you. Our captain handles all these inquiries directly, to be precise and to the points. 

    Types of Yacht Transport

    1. Shipping Yacht From What Zip Code
    2. Shipping Yacht To What Zip Code
    3. Shipping Date Requested
    4. Year, Make & Model of Yacht
    5. Length Of Yacht
    6. Transporting By Land or By Sea
    7. Has a Trailer Yay or Nay
    8. Any important details you need to share to make the yacht transport perfect
    Yatch Transport

    Get a quick Yacht Transport Quote by filling out this form:

    How to get an RV or 5th Wheel Transport Quote

    Auto Transport

    Get a quick RV / 5th Wheel Transport Quote by filling out this form:

    Type Of Campers for Transport

  • RV Transport (Recreational Vehicle)
  • 5th Wheel Camper Transport
  • Pop Up Camper Transport
  • Tow Behind Camper Transport
  • Class A Motorhome Transport
  • Class B Motorhome Transport
  • Class C Motorhome Transport
  • SURV Motorhome Transport
  • Toy Hauler Transport
  • Travel Trailer Transport
  • Trump Camper Transport
  • Hybrid Travel Trailer Transport
    • Transporting an RV or a 5th Wheel Camper without actually going camping is a drag! If you recently purchased an RV or 5th Wheel Camper, we can help you transport it home! If you want to transport your RV to a state and fly into that state to go camping with it, we understand and help you get there. Not all auto transport companies can handle RV and 5th Wheel transports, but our partners are the best in the industry. How to get an RV or 5th Wheel Quote? It’s simple; just fill out this brief information about the vehicle, and our helpful staff will reach and schedule the pickup!

    Information Needed to Ship an RV

      1. Shipping RV From Zip Code
      2. Shipping RV To Zip Code
      3. Ship Date Requested
      4. Year, Make, Model, Length of Camper
      5. Type Of Camper
      6. Additional details needed to shipping RV successfully


    Auto Transport

    The best mover’s organization around. All the laborers are proficient and they envelop all my gear and stuff by a legitimate thick bundling to guarantee security of my possessions. Decent overseeing abilities. Much obliged to you for the assistance. Truly valued and enthusiastically suggested.

    Lance Braley

    Auto Transport

    Their group has extraordinary information. They generally control you about the entire cycle prior to settling on a consent to ensure everything is done appropriately. I have utilized them for my Mercedes Benz C250 car.

    Eric Landrum

    Auto Transport

    I have been in contact with Free Auto Transport Quote Online like most recent one year. They are number 1. They offer best assistance as well as guarantee the security of vehicles. I transport through them since they deal with my vehicles.

    Micah Smith

    You Get Our Platinum Protection Plan Free of Charge

    We ensure that any driver working for us is completely safeguarded. If not, we’ll pay for the vehicle fixes as important.

    The arrangement incorporates the accompanying:

    Harm Free Guarantee: Each transporter we utilize has exhaustive protection. If not, and there’s harm to your vehicle, we’ll cover all the expenses of fixes.

    Rental Reimbursement up to $300: If your vehicle is over 48 hours late (for reasons other than climate or breakdown) we’ll pay for vehicle rental up to $300.

    We’re Available 7 Days a Week

    You can drop off your vehicle on anytime. We don’t anticipate that you should work as indicated by our timetable – you’ve additionally got a great deal to do. That is the reason we’re one of just few vehicle transport organizations that will acknowledge vehicles consistently. 

    Also, you don’t pay a penny until we have discovered the ideal driver for you. Not at all like a portion of the less conscientious vehicle delivering organizations, we don’t charge stockpiling expenses. We don’t need to go to extreme measures to rustle up some additional money.

    Auto Transport
    Auto Transport

    You Get Our Platinum Protection Plan Free of Charge

    In case you’re new to having your vehicle delivered, you may ask why individuals don’t simply drive the vehicle themselves. There are a great deal of valid justifications to go with us all things being equal. These include:
    • Your vehicle’s fine for cruising through the neighborhood, yet you don’t know how it would perform on an excursion. Or then again, you’re glad to drive your bicycle over short separations however are apprehensive about going on it on a lengthy, difficult experience outing.
    • Any organization or individual not having any desire to wrench up the odometer with a ton of pointless miles.
    • Online businesses needing a protected path for their deals to be conveyed.
    • Vendors moving vehicles to different sellers.
    • Organizations moving work vehicles.
    • Gatherers shipping vintage vehicles.
    • Boat proprietors.
    • RV proprietors.
    • Children off to school

    We’re Completely Honest with You

    Will you discover a lower cost? Presumably. In any case, we’re not going to make statements of regret for that. We charge a reasonable rate, and we need our customers to realize what’s in store.

    Less conscientious organizations give lowball offers. These look incredible from the outset, until you discover why they’re ready to advance such low statements.

    First off, they’ll need the cash forthright. Furthermore, they in some cases don’t safeguard your vehicle during transport. That is, if it’s even shipped on schedule.

    It’s likewise a typical trick to get a lowball offer and afterward discover extra charges attached toward the end. You may be approached to pay stockpiling, dealing with, protection, etc.

    We accept that you merit better. That is the reason our statements are precise forthright, and we don’t request a store until we’ve discovered the correct transporter.

    We Keep Our Promises

    On the off chance that we state that we’ll get your vehicle there by a particular date, we would not joke about this. We accomplice just with transporter organizations who have exhibited a similar energy for client care that we do.

    We’ll ensure that your vehicle is conveyed securely and on schedule. Furthermore, that you won’t get any terrible stuns in the last bill.

    We’re an Established and Trusted Brand


    Free Auto Transport Quote Online is family-claimed and worked. In the course of the most recent ten years, we’ve been offering our customers only the best. We understood from the beginning that our customers are our most important resource. That is the reason we’ll generally care for you.

    Our exceptional help implies that we reliably rank in the Top 3 of the National Consumer Affairs correlations. Our A+ Better Business Bureau Rating is something different that we’re pleased with. Consistently we strive to keep up this rating.

    We comprehend this industry impeccably. Throughout the most recent ten years, we made vehicle delivery to another state something of a fine art.


    *Disclaimer: This is a paid advertisement by FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online - FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online has no affiliation or representation of mentioned businesses within. Strictly opinion based marketing by FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online *

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