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A Brief Guide to Car Transport

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An auto transport broker is any kind of commercial vehicle broker who deals in the movement and delivery of automobiles. Almost all automobiles shipped to the U.S. are commercial trucks and automobiles, but most brokers deal with motorcycles, boats, RVs and other kinds of smaller vehicles as well. Many companies prefer to hire auto transporters to move their automobile temporarily because it saves them valuable time and money. They can also save on fuel costs since they do not have to use their own trucks for transporting cars and other goods. In addition, the transport industry is extremely competitive and many auto transporters offer package deals to businesses that need to ship out large loads of autos. Brokers in this business earn money either through commissions or through a percentage of the profit from every auto shipment that they arrange.

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The whole concept behind automobile transport is simple: a transportation company will ship a vehicle from one place to another. They will do the driving, delivering the vehicle and making the final destination safe for the vehicle. However, the process is much more complex than just loading and driving a truck. An auto transport company will need to prepare the vehicle for shipment. This includes putting a car in its proper car container, securing the vehicle from harsh weather and ensuring that no damage occurred during shipping. After the vehicle has been prepared, the carriers will deliver the container to the destination.

There are different types of auto carriers for transporting a vehicle. There are open carriers, enclosed carriers and trailers. Every type has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at each type:

Open Auto Transport – In an open auto transport company, brokers help consumers locate a good carrier for their vehicle needs. Customers fill out a form detailing their vehicle needs. Then, brokers search the marketplace and obtain an array of quotes based on those needs. Once brokers have found a few providers, they contact the providers and arrange for a free quote. Then, the brokers forward the quote along with the information about the price and specifics of service to their clients. The auto transport company contacts the reputed haulers and drivers and offers a quote.

The top car transport services include nationwide trucks. The top car transport service providers include nationwide trucks that ship vehicles such as sedans, SUVs, sport utility vehicles, buses and other large trucks. The top car transport service providers ship the top trucks including Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Mazda, Fiat, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, and Mitsubishi. Trucking brokers can find a list of nationwide trucking companies at the Association of International Automobile Transportation.

Enclosed Auto Transport – Most auto transport brokers provide enclosed trailers or enclosed trucks for transporting a vehicle. These trailers or trucks ensure better protection for the vehicle because they completely protect it from flying debris and weather elements. However, this type of service does not offer insurance coverage for the vehicle so the broker will need to get this information from the carrier of the vehicle.

Small Vehicle Transport – Smaller vehicle carriers are used for transporting recreational vehicles like RVs. These cars carriers vary in size but most car carriers have between two and eight-passenger capacity. Most of these carriers are relatively inexpensive. Some of the smaller brokers can even provide a complete service including fuel delivery. This improves the chances that the passenger inside the small car carriers will be safe during any emergency.

Most brokerage firms have agents in every major city. This means that the broker can access the service provider in a large city while in another city the broker can access the service provider in a smaller city. This helps reduce travel time since the broker can do most of the work himself. Some of the big car transport companies have online websites. Most of the online brokers have detailed information about their services as well as the rates they charge. Therefore, when you look to hire a car transport company, make sure that it has an online presence.