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Auto Hauler – Claridy Said – Auto Haulers and Their Uses

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Sometimes clients will call in and request help deciding the value of having auto haulers tow a vehicle instead of them actually physically driving the vehicle. In certain cases where a client has purchased a vehicle online, sight unseen, make the decision to have an auto hauler called in because they’ve seen other clients who purchased high end vehicles at wholesale cost and eventually make it all 4 hours late to their destination. They call to have the auto hauled away to their home. What does this mean to the insurance companies and can they offer any discount?

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The short answer is yes they can offer discounts. All auto haulers are insurance carriers and must file an application with their state insurance carrier. Each state has different rates and coverage amounts for how much money in liability the company will pay if the autos are damaged or stolen. Some states require that the company has certain standards in place before issuing the policy while others don’t. Still others require insurance on the transport of automobiles and only charge a flat rate for the transport of one automobile.

Many car carriers only accept delivery of new cars. The cars have to be brand new or came from a private party. This may create an issue when it comes time to make arrangements to transport high end expensive automobiles. Car carriers often have agreements with manufacturers who own luxury cars. Since the cars are brand new, they have to meet certain specifications and may want to see that your vehicle is also.

This can be a risk for some businesses because they believe they are not experienced enough to transport cars. It’s not unusual to be put on the spot and have an auto hauler come to the airport with a brand new car in tow. When transporting luxury cars, some people have had problems because they did not have proper insurance to cover these types of pricey goods. Not having the right auto insurance for the transportation of expensive or valuable automobiles can be a costly mistake. The drivers and mechanics of the auto haulers are often times experienced enough to transport even brand new cars.

Trucking companies may also have partnerships with car carriers. Trucks carry cargo that needs to be transported by auto haulers. When there is damage to one of the auto transporters, damages to the truck can often be covered by the trucking company through their warranty. Since the carriers have a legal agreement with truckers to provide service, damages incurred by the trucking carrier are often times covered through the warranty of the carrier. Insurance for auto haulers can cover damage to the vehicle as well as injuries sustained by the insured during transportation.

Other car carriers are more common than others. One popular auto haulers used for transporting luxury automobiles are the ones located in California. There are many different companies in this state that have been supplying auto haulers for decades. These companies have the experience necessary to properly transport cars in an efficient manner. Since these trucks are maintained at a very high standard, there is also a great likelihood that damages resulting from hauling may not be covered by warranty.

Fuel costs often times become a major concern for consumers who often times have to make long trips. High fuel costs have caused many people to choose auto haulers over other forms of transportation. Having a company that is able to meet the long distance and fuel costs that occur along the way is essential for long distance travel. Often times, when faced with many options for transportation, people will often times turn to the auto transport companies that they are most familiar with in order to save time and money.

Every company has different needs for their equipment, so it is important to always ask claridy said companies if they have any questions regarding auto haulers and hauling. By taking the extra time to ask specific questions before investing in a vehicle, a consumer can ensure that they are getting exactly what they need. When considering any piece of heavy machinery or equipment, it is important to always take the time to do research and find out exactly what type of warranty is offered and what conditions apply. Many haulers and other auto transportation equipment are subject to very specific conditions, which makes it very important to always compare all available information.