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Sherpa Auto Transport Review by FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online


This is an opinion review of Sherpa Auto Transport from a consumer standpoint in order to educate consumers. This is opinionated marketing and FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online is not affiliated with, nor does it have any representation of Sherpa.


Sherpa Auto Transport is definitely a leading auto transporter in the industry. Immediately upon evaluating this company’s website we found a very authoritative website. The clean lines and easy design definitely supports conversions. This website is definitely built to get leads for people needing auto transport. There is no guessing as to what Sherpa Auto Transport offers – a nationwide car delivery service. 

One thing that stands out to us when looking over the Sherpa Auto Transport website is their Price Lock Guarantee that they boast in several locations. They claim that it is a one price guarantee. Having experience in the auto industry, we know there is only one way to secure the averages of auto transport with fixed pricing = charge more money upfront to everyone. With this model, if a transport costs the broker more money than anticipated, the next job might balance it out with a surplus. This is a really good tactic for marketing. A lot of consumers are warned about “bait and switch” auto transport brokers. Bait and switch means you get one quote and then you are asked to pay a different price. This can be a scam, but it is not always the case. In some cases, actually more often than you’d think, traffic, highway detours, and other unforeseen travel issues can create excessive miles or time added to the transport tab. Auto Transport Brokers like Sherpa Auto Transport collect information from customers, find a carrier that can handle the load, and introduce the two to create a job. The auto transport broker does not always have a say in the final price, so we believe in order for Sherpa’s number to balance out, they charge customers more every time.

For being a major powerhouse in the auto transport industry, the Sherpa Auto Transport website is very simple, clean, and modern. We feel this approach is great for customers to feel comfortable enough to give their information on a possible upcoming transport request! So far, based on Sherpa Auto Transport website, we can conclude this is a reputable company!


As we dug deep into Sherpa Auto Transport Reviews – we found many websites displaying positive marks for Sherpa. Mostly 4 & 5 Star reviews with the occasional disgruntled customer here and there. One concern we realized immediately, Sherpa Auto Transport only responds to 1 Star reviews. Time was not taken to thank happy customers for sharing their experiences. Significant responses were given to unhappy customers. This disappointed our team as a quality auto transport broker like Sherpa should be responding to all their customers!

Auto Transport

According to the BBB, Sherpa Auto Transport Reviews check out to a 4.8 and has been accredited since 2018. Only 3 complaints filed in the past 3 years which proves Sherpa does care about its reputation in the auto transport community!

Several of the standard auto transport review websites point to Sherpa being a quality auto transport service

Auto Transport


After reviewing the website and the reviews, we can conclude that Sherpa Auto Transport has a firm reputation in the auto transport community. All negative situations seemed to be addressed and very little escalated to a BBB complaint. With all of the concern in the world, we do not believe you need to be concerned with Sherpa Auto Transport’s reputation in the industry.


We believe you can trust Sherpa Auto Transport due to the reviews we believe to be authentic. With very few complaints, it’s evident Sherpa is trying very hard to make clients happy. Even if they charge a One Price, which may be more inflated than other auto transport brokers. This price is, however, clear and transparent in a world that demands it! When you are looking for a car delivery service, you will most likely come across Sherpa Auto Transport, definitely get a quote from Sherpa and compare it to our quote along with others. Customer service builds lasting customers!

Review by FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online of Sherpa:

Sherpa Auto Transport appears to be an up and coming powerhouse for a car delivery service. Sherpa has an organized website and easy to use form. They are an auto transport broker which will ensure you get the best driver for your route without having to call 15 different carriers yourself. The modern and clean website does not give off a customer service appearance, and our team did not interact with the customer service of Sherpa. Based on the reviews and our analysis of digital assets, it’s safe to say Sherpa is a legitimate auto transport company!

FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online seeks to always share our opinion about the auto transport industry in 2021.  We have aligned ourselves with the best partners in all classes, so our standards are high when it comes to customer service. This company shows the signs of being a powerful player in decades to come giving big shots like Montway Auto Transport a good drive! Most consumers will agree that the simplicity of the Sherpa Auto Transport website helps them get their requests in (aka- more leads). We look forward to watching Sherpa grow.

Sherpa Auto Transport claims to be based out of North Carolina. The auto transport industry is constantly moving forward! Some major cities auto transport serviced in North Carolina:

  • Auto Transport Charlotte
  • Auto Transport Raleigh
  • Auto Transport Greensboro
  • Auto Transport Durham

*Disclaimer: This is a paid advertisement by FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online – FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online has no affiliation or representation of mentioned businesses within. Strictly opinion based marketing by FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online *

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*Disclaimer: This is a paid advertisement by FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online - FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online has no affiliation or representation of mentioned businesses within. Strictly opinion based marketing by FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online *

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