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This is an opinion review of UShip Auto Transport from a consumer standpoint in order to educate consumers. This is opinionated marketing and FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online is not affiliated with, nor does it have any representation of UShip.


This website is very impressive and you can tell this company has spent a lot of money to make it look this way. The very simple approach is definitely a user-friendly site and would have a great conversion factor. They seem to offer a lot of services in addition to auto transport. They even transport animals, livestock, farm equipment and make it easy for the user to give this information! Having a company that can transport a variety of items is good because you can always use them in the future to transport other items needing shipping. This is, of course, if you were happy with the original service.  

We do not like how the Site title of the form process says “Create A Listing”. With large companies like this, personal interaction is definitely not a strength. Many consumers already feel like just another number to many businesses. When asking a customer to pay potentially thousands of dollars for anything, customer service should be taken more seriously.


Throughout the world wide web, you can find a lot of search results for “uship auto transport reviews.” From what we can conclude, this is a decent company to deal with but is also a large company, so it is possible you will feel that in the relations. According to the BBB, they are struggling with being too large, but retain their mark as A+. If their customers were treated at more of a personal level, they probably would not have so many open BBB cases in the past 12 months. 

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On Google My Business we found a lot of awesome reviews that appear to be authentic, but you can see that nothing is ever interacted with. This shows us the business is large enough not to care about what their Google My Business reviews say about them. Not what we’d like to see out of one of the largest auto transporters in the world. The main reason that many people take to the world wide web to review a company is to have interaction with the company itself. Not responding to reviews is definitely not something we would look for in trying to find a company to hire. 


Around the internet, you can find plenty of negative reviews about this company. It’s evident that UShip is a very large company that does more than just shipping cars. They will ship pretty much anything. This is a typical “metasearch” website that is working off large data, not individualized relationships. 

Along with the negative comments, there are positive comments. Many of which parallel the types of comments one might find on any number of their competitor’s sites. If it was up to me, I would choose a company that had the same positive reviews, with more customer attention and attention to detail. Shipping anything large across the country is pricey and nervewracking. I, personally, feel that I would want a more personalized, attentive interaction with whomever I hired. 

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The reputation is so-so and we prefer to see more client – business interaction when it comes right down to the highest level of customer service. To be clear, we did not deal directly with the company, so we can not attest to the direct customer service. We are basing our opinion solely on online comments and reviews and these point to the fact that it is most likely run in a corporate fashion, making customers just another shipping number.


We believe you can trust UShip due to the size of the company and the long-standing reputation within the industry. No red flags were found when doing research, The most typical concerns were with service. The only thing that bothered our researchers was the lack of consumer care for these negative reviews. Clients should be heard and concerns should be addressed. It is simply common courtesy. Honestly, there is a large number of different sites that are addressing these concerns and if UShip was more customer-oriented online, they would probably earn more business.

Review by FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online of UShip Auto Transport:

UShip Auto Transport seems to be a long-standing overall shipping company. They will ship everything from boxes to livestock to heavy equipment to Ferraris. A real jack of all transports, this company gets the gold star for its ability to transport almost anything! As a large company, they are well resourced and all over the internet. When it comes to personalized attention and customer-oriented service, it felt generic. If you desire a big box, corporate feeling auto transport experience, UShip is recommended!

FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online seeks to share opinions about the auto transport industry. Our partners have been vetted as the best in the industry, so we hold high standards when it comes to customer service. This is obviously a massive company and dealing with them and your car shipping- or whatever else shipping- needs is going to feel like you are dealing with a massive company. Most people online agree that their website can be a little cheesy and not user-friendly, but it must be working because this company definitely owns a large lion share of the auto transport niche. If you want to compare a price quote you received from UShip click the link below

UShip claims to be based out of Dallas, Texas. The auto transport market is very popular in the great state of Texas

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*Disclaimer: This is a paid advertisement by FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online - FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online has no affiliation or representation of mentioned businesses within. Strictly opinion based marketing by FreeAutoTransportQuote.Online *

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