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Best Car Shipping Company To Hawaii

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Shipping A Car To Hawaii? Free Auto Transport Quote Online Auto Transport Is Your Best Choice.

Moving to Hawaii is an expensive proposition. It will cause you to question how emotionally attached you are to every item you own. Do I want to pay to ship this table, that bike, my record collection? If Hawaii is going to be the location of your next home, you will also need to explore your transportation options while you are living there. You will most likely need to make a decision about whether or not to ship your car. 

Auto Transport

Free Auto Transport Quote Online Auto Transport offers car transport to Hawaii at a fair price and we guarantee that your car will arrive on the island safely and on time.

Factors To Consider Before Shipping Your Car To Hawaii.

What is the value of your car? It is probably not worth your while to ship a $2,000 car to Hawaii, however, if your car is worth $30,000 or more, shipping it to Hawaii with you may be the best option. What kind of car do you drive? The selection of available cars in Hawaii is not as wide or as diverse as the selection of available cars on the mainland. If you want to drive a specific make and model in Hawaii, you may want to ship it there. If you own a truck, you may be interested to know that trucks are highly sought after, but not widely available in Hawaii. You may be able to sell your truck at a profit in Hawaii and then buy a less expensive vehicle; banking the difference. In this situation, the cost of transporting your truck would be justified. Don’t forget to factor car repairs into your decision. If you own a rare vehicle or a car for which replacement parts are hard to find; you could have a hard time in Hawaii if you need repairs.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To Hawaii with Free Auto Transport Quote Online Auto Transport?

Typically, the cost of shipping a car to Hawaii is anywhere between $1,400 and $3,000.

There are, however, many variables that affect the price you end up paying.

  • How large is the car you want to ship? Obviously, the larger the car, the heavier it is and the more room it will take up in the hull of the ship. Therefore, bigger vehicles cost the most to transport to Hawaii, with SUV and larger trucks being the most costly.
  • How soon do you need your car to arrive? As with most auto transport companies, Free Auto Transport Quote Online Auto Transport offers expedited shipping, but it comes with a higher price tag. If you have the flexibility to wait a little longer for your car to arrive in Hawaii, you will pay less for the transport.
  • Where your car is being shipped from? If you live close enough to a port to drive your car there yourself, you will be able to take advantage of our port to port rate. Port to port offers significant savings as you deliver your car to the ship yourself and there is no ground transfer expense involved. 

Free Auto Transport Quote Online Auto Transport: Always Available To Help

If you still have questions or concerns about shipping your car to Hawaii, we invite you to call us! Our friendly and knowledgeable agents can answer your questions, make suggestions, and help you make an informed decision about shipping your car to Hawaii.