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Boat Transport Cost – Factors to Consider

When the time comes to transport a boat, you will find that there are two basic options: tow rope and flat-rigging. Towing a boat requires more planning and equipment than flat-rigging, so it is usually best left to the experts. Overland transport, usually flat-rigged or semisubmersible, marine lifting vessels, and specialized delivery teams can bring those faraway dream destinations closer within reach, sometimes in just a few hours. To make your dream become a reality, we’ve collected the knowledge you need to about boat transport so you can actually cruise your ship through exotic ports with the confidence of a professional crew.

boat transport

One of the first decisions you must make about boat transport is the shipping method. There are numerous methods available, but our advice for beginners is to stick to the tried-and-true trailers. Towing old trailers are ideal for fast, low-cost boat transport while storing and servicing is better suited to long-term storage. Remember that if you’re shipping containers, the weight of the whole thing can exceed the value of the containers, so be sure to consider the cargo as well as your shipping method when calculating costs.

Once you have determined a method of transporting your vessel, you must identify the size of the boat and where you want to place it. Next, you must select the mode of transport you prefer: from truck to trailer, from semi-submersible to afloat, or from trailer to pier. In addition to selecting a shipping method, you must also select destinations and time periods for your boat transport. These details will influence the time and cost of your journey. Freight costs may be costly but it’s a convenient way to ship your boat because you don’t have to bother with keeping them stored while in transit.

When choosing a boat shipping company, ask them for their quotes. Find out the price range they charge for different sizes of boats and the modes of transportation they use for transport. Inquire about the loading and unloading charges, the brokerage or handling charges, the transport documentation fees, the customs fees, and other charges that may apply. Know how long it will take the shipping company to get your boat transported to your desired destination and the time of delivery. A good boat transport company will give you a comprehensive answer to all these questions and more.

Ask your friends, family members, colleagues and acquaintances for recommendations regarding the best boat shipping method. You might also find answers among the ads you see around. Keep in mind that a lot of companies offer cheap boat shipping services, but they might not be fully dedicated to taking care of your needs. Also, a small transport company doesn’t have the necessary manpower or resources to make your transport smoothly.

It is important to choose the right kind of boat transport service provider. There are various types of boat transporters offering a variety of services. First, find out what kind of service your boat needs. Whether you want your boat to be transported using an open trailer truck or a container ship is another important factor you must consider before making the final decision. You should make sure that your chosen provider can provide all the services you need within the required time frame and within the specified price range. For example, a small transport company offering car carrier and boat transport can only make available services within three hours of your boat delivery.

Smaller boats will always require smaller boat transport cost. However, there are also bigger boats that will need special transportation options. As a general rule, the larger the boat the more expensive its transportation cost will be.

There are also a lot of accessories and services that are offered when your boat is transported using trailers. These include such accessories as drain plugs trailer, boat cradle and boat slip. Some of these accessories may include the packing of spare parts, fuel and other liquids, corrugated cartons, hydraulic fluid and other coolants and chemicals, first aid kit and a first-aid kit. All these services will cost extra for those who have bigger boats. This is why it is important to consider the boat transport cost and then make your final decision on what kind of trailer will suit you best.