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Car Shipper and Car Shipping Prices – How to Compare Auto Shippers and Brokers

When it comes to getting the best deals in the car industry, car shippers often have a difficult time finding a reliable vehicle shipper. Reliable car shippers understand the market, they know where to buy cars at a lower price and they can often negotiate the price of shipping too. They also understand how the shipping industry works. With this, you can get more for your dollar and often save money, too. In order to find a car shipper that is reliable, here are a few things to look for:

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Insurance: Mr. Car Shipper takes responsibility for any damages that are sustained during delivery of your vehicle. Do not rely on the insurance policy of the trucker to provide proper coverage for your vehicle. If you are getting an estimate from a broker, the broker is only as good as the insurance provider that he or she is working with. Ask the broker to obtain quotes from insurance providers that they recommend. Honesty: Mr. Car Shipper does not play the bait and switch pricing games that so many brokers in the market are so well known for.

In the car shipping industry there are a number of unscrupulous brokers that will quote one price and then bill you for services that they did not perform. Brokers often charge consumers extra for labor rates, etc. If you deal with a car shipper that quoting a low price but charges extra for certain services, you may be setting yourself up for huge fees that you were not expecting. By using a car shipping company that provides price quotes that include all extra fees, you can better determine whether you are being charged an “upside” price for the work that the trucker is doing.

A very important factor that most consumers are unaware of is whether or not the quoted price is accurate. Many consumers that have shopped for auto shipping services are very concerned about the accuracy of the quotes they receive. Many times the quotes provided by brokers and website auto transport services are actually inaccurate. There are many “fly-by-night” companies that are in the u-ship car marketplace and will quote a price that is much higher than what is necessary.

Carriers often do not have a financial obligation to deliver the vehicle once they are paid for. Therefore, they are sometimes willing to pass on to consumers a free car wash or free ground shipping charge. The consumer is then stuck with paying these fees if they want to keep the car on the same day that the broker or auto transport companies leave with it. It is important to ask the broker or carrier for the total cost of delivery and any other fees that may be charged before signing any contract for service with them.

Pricing is another golden key that consumers need to pay attention to before choosing an auto shipper. Pricing is based on several factors. These include the distance that has to be covered, how many vehicles have to be delivered, how many containers have to be transported and the cost per unit. To get a better idea of how to price your vehicle simply go to a website that displays price quotes from various carriers and brokers. This will give you a better indication of what type of price range that you can expect. Once you find the pricing that works for you simply use the same site to get quotes from other brokers and auto shippers to see what other companies are charging for similar products.

You should also be aware of the restrictions that are often placed on auto carriers in regard to the type of vehicle that they can carry. The most common vehicle restrictions apply to cars that are over 25 years of age, as well as vehicles that will be used for business purposes. If you are only going to be transporting personal vehicles, there may not be any restrictions at all. However, if you are a car carrier that travels with other types of automobiles like trucks, SUVs, and RVs you should ask the Montway broker about their restrictions. Some of the more popular car carriers restrict the total weight in the back of the vehicle and/or require a minimum age before they will allow the passenger seat to be removed altogether.

These are just a few things that should be taken into consideration when comparing car shipping prices from different brokers and auto shippers. If you are simply trying to obtain the best possible deal, you should probably use a broker to make the comparisons for you. However, if you need a full-scale vehicle transport service, you will likely need to make your own comparisons between brokers and auto shippers to ensure that you receive the lowest vehicle pricing possible. Either way, if you receive the lowest pricing, you will also save yourself a significant amount of money on the actual vehicle delivery fees.