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Car Shipper Tips

When you’re ready to really start selling cars on eBay, you may feel the need to enlist the help of a car shipper. How can you make such guarantees when other car shippers can’t? Because carefully weed out over 80% of the car-shipping candidates and perform the same weeding, you won’t need to! Plus, a free email newsletter and instant user reviews will give you an A+ to Z, which means you’ll be among the most successful sellers on eBay!

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Most people get confused by the terms and conditions of car shippers and wholesalers. Often, the terms are not the same. A broker may require a minimum deposit required upfront, while the manufacturer’s recommended minimum is usually only a few dollars. There are also some car-shipping companies that will require you to pay your deposit in full before the car is shipped. So what exactly should you expect when you’re talking to a car broker or wholesaler?

– Be fully prepared before you speak with a car shipper or a manufacturer’s representative. Know for sure that you want an enclosed transport. Make sure your vehicle isn’t going to be delivered on an open trailer. Be aware of the type of transportation you want, and have any questions addressed before you contact the shipping company.

– Ask as many questions as you need to. Your needs for an enclosed transport will vary depending on how fast you need your vehicle shipped, and where it’s going to go. The number of vehicle models and years will also play a part in what you need. For example, large trucks are rarely shipped flat, because their weight and size would make them difficult to fit into a standard trailer. Instead, they’re shipped on enclosed trailers. If you’re a small car hauler, the same rules apply as for large trucks.

– You’ll probably have to pay a deposit to get your vehicle shipped. Some car haulers do this before the vehicle is shipped, and others do it at the time of pick-up. However, you may be required to pay an additional fee if you use an open transport service. Usually, you must pay for both the transport service (the time it takes to get your car from point A to point B) and the vehicle itself, unless you choose an enclosed transport auto shipping option. Some carriers do have multiple carriers available, though.

– There will likely be a packing fee attached to your auto transport services. Some companies charge this in one lump sum, while other companies have various fees for different prices of packing. This isn’t usually included with the quoted price, but can be separately calculated. In some cases, a door-to-door shipper might charge extra for door-to-door service, since the delivery vehicle might be required to make several stops along the way.

– If you need fast service, you might find that your only choice among the many options available is an enclosed auto shipper. Some of these services have a two-day turnaround time. Other services offer same day or next-day door-to-door deliveries. For companies that need immediate shipments, this is usually the best bet. However, keep in mind that the faster you get your vehicle shipped, the higher your cost will be.

– As with all shipping companies, you can also inquire about a nationwide or international presence. Most of the US shipping companies today ship internationally, but there are still a few that exclusively serve the US market. If you don’t want to wait on the front lines for your goods, it would probably be best to look for one that has an international presence. This will give you access to the fastest and most reliable door-to-door deliveries in the world.