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Different Modes of Transport Found in the Supply Chain

Transport, or mobility, is simply the motion of living creatures, people and objects from one place to another. Simply put, the act of transport is defined as any act of transport of an object or organism from a given point A to a given point B. Therefore, if you want to move anything from point A to point B, you have to transport it. The transportation of things is sometimes done on the ground by way of people and trucks, and sometimes on wheels (wheels are more efficient). People transport other things such as packaged products, frozen food and bottled beverages to different locations, while trucks transport live freight to shipping outlets.


One of the most common modes of transport are railway, road and air transportation. These three modes of transport are characterized by their rate of speed, the distance they can cover in a day, and the safety and security measures that they employ during transport. While railway transport is the most widely used mode of transport, road transport is more economical and reliable. Air transport, on the other hand, is the fastest mode of transport but some forms of air transport are unsafe and expensive.

For goods that cannot be moved by rail or road, air transport is the only viable option. There are two types of transport: ground and surface transport. A ground transport refers to the transportation of non-ishable and perishable goods. On the other hand, surface transport refers to the transportation of perishable andishable goods. There are also special forms of transport, such as container shipping and trucking, which are rarely used for small quantities of goods.

The most commonly used form of transport in the supply chain is a cargo transport. There are three modes of transport: long distance trucking, long haul trucking and truck courier. Long distance trucking involves the transport of large volumes of cargoes; while long haul trucking involves the transport of small loads. Truck courier services provide safe and secure transportation of goods to specified locations.

Supply chain management is an important concept when it comes to managing supply chain. Supply chain management is an approach that aims to improve the operation cost of the organization through a network of transport infrastructure. Supply chain management uses multiple strategies such as planning, materials management, and pricing to maximize operational efficiency. It takes into consideration physical, logical, and human factors in determining transportation costs. This helps to ensure that the transport supply chain is efficient, thereby increasing organizational profitability.

The third type of transport found in the supply chain is human geography. Human geography refers to the study of how people move across a landscape. Transportation between places is determined by the ways people move, such as by foot, by bike, by car, or by other modes of transport such as trucks. These factors affect transportation costs.

Water transport is very popular due to its low-cost, high capacity, and reliable performance. It has become one of the most widely used modes of transport for many industries and products. Water transport entails the transport of treated waste water from industrial sites to locations where they are needed. Some of the most common types of water transport include ocean freight, inland water transport, and stream transportation.

Automobile transport is one of the most important modes of transportation. It is commonly used for the transportation of goods, but it can also be used for private purposes. Automobile transport can either be road-bound or rail-bound. Road-bound automobile transport can take several forms, including freight transportation and passenger transportation. Rail transport on the other hand, involves the transport of goods via rails. Freight and passenger railway transport usually go through a common carrier such as Canadian National Railway (TSX), Canadian National Atlantic Railway (CN), New England Railroad (NE Railway), and New England Railroad (NEC).