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How to Get a Low Car Shipper Quote

When you’re looking for a business to transport your car, obviously you’d expect there to be only two kinds of businesses out there. However, the truth is, there are tons of different companies claiming to be car shipper. Therefore, the best way to move your car would be via an actual car shipping company. Read this article below and learn more about car shipper benefits.

car shipper

A broker is a middleman between the buyer and the auto transport company. In other words, they act as the go-between for the buyer and the trucking brokers. This makes them a valuable service since they act as the mediator for a wide variety of people. For example, brokers can help you with finding an auto transport company, find the right broker for your needs, and negotiate prices with carriers. This in turn will benefit you, since it will mean the transportation of your car won’t be delayed.

Brokers can help get your quotes. It’s true that an auto shipper can help you find quotes but they cannot do everything for you. For instance, brokers cannot assist you with negotiating quotes because they don’t have access to many carriers or they may not have the specific quote in their database. This means that you’ll have to do it on your own – unless you want to pay a broker a commission.

A shipper can give you several quotes. You can get quotes from different shippers by going directly to their website. You can also ask a broker to call several carriers and send you multiple quotes for your vehicle shipping company. In case you have a broker who can call or email carriers, this would be a great advantage over the internet as they can provide quotes to all.

Brokers can assign carriers. Just like with the quotes that brokers can give you, they can also assign you to one specific carrier. This is very convenient especially if you have more than one vehicle to transport. If you are assigned a broker, the responsibility will be in his hands and he will be able to oversee the whole process.

Insurance policy. Once you have chosen a brokerage, it’s time to get an insurance policy. Most brokers are aware that most people prefer to go for car insurance through the brokers because this way you won’t have to deal directly with insurance companies. However, some insurance companies require carriers and they require them to be licensed in all 50 states.

What’s more, carriers can also ship trucks. You don’t have to worry about the cost of transferring the vehicles because you can pay a flat fee instead. This flat fee includes any transportation cost that the shipper or carriers incur. With this service, you can be sure that your vehicle will get to its destination safely and on time.

So there you have it. Follow these tips and you can receive many car shipping companies quotes right away. Happy shopping!

Get quotes from more than one company. As I said earlier, it’s important that you take time to compare quotes. Carriers have different prices. It’s a good idea to ask brokers for quotes from several carriers so you can choose the best one. This is a smart way to save money on transportation costs.

Try to get customer service. Customer service is very important when you need to transport vehicles. You can easily find out which company offers great customer service. Simply look for online quotes that mention how good their customer service is.

Find out if your shipper has an in-house or remote driver direct. Most companies have an in-house driver direct. However, if your vehicle will be transported over a long distance, you may prefer to go for a remote or call centre driver. A good initial quote should state whether the vehicle will be picked up by an in-house driver or left at the door of a brokerage company.

Enclosed vehicle transport is good for business owners and private individuals. These are better options compared to personal items transport. Carriers like Sherpa Auto Transport will provide enclosed vehicle transport services at competitive rates. The best part about these services is that the vehicles are well maintained while in transit. They also come with a warranty that lasts for up to five years.