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How To Obtain An Auto Transport Quote

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How To Obtain An Auto Transport Quote

If you’re interested in being an auto shipper or car shipper, then good for you. But remember, you are still a business owner. You have to be careful about what you entrust your car and automotive assets to. How do you do this? By following these guidelines:

Insurance: Mr. Car Shipper also carries contingent cargo insurance to guard you against damages to your vehicle’s in transit. Do not rely on the car shipper’s insurance to give you adequate coverage. Honesty: You may not be dealing with an auto transport company, but you should still be cautious about what you entrust your assets to. A car shipper who is honest in his dealings with you is one you can work with for a long time.

Look for quotes: When it comes to car transport brokers, always get quotes from as many as possible before you choose one. Brokers tend to bid for your business based on their quoted rates. This gives you the opportunity to go through each carrier’s quotes and choose the one that gives you the most reasonable rate. This does not mean you should take the first quote you get – take your time and compare the rates of several carriers.

Seek referrals: Ask people you know or contact auto transport brokers directly to refer you to a carrier. Don’t dismiss recommendations from companies or individuals because they come from a close friend or associate. After all, if a friend or associate has a great experience with a specific car shipper, he or she may be inclined to share it with you. You should use the referrals you get to select a good vehicle shipping company.

Get shipping quotes: After you’ve narrowed down the auto transport brokers with whom you want to work, request quotes from them. This will give you a better idea of what each car shipper will charge you. You don’t necessarily have to accept the first quote you are given; ask for quotes from at least three car shipping companies. Don’t be afraid to be firm in your preferences. A good car shipper should be willing to discuss your needs and give you some ideas to consider. If you feel uneasy about a particular car shipping company or its rates, move on to another company.

Ask questions: Always ask your car shipping company or brokers about their credentials. Do some digging to find out about their background. You can also contact the licensing boards of the states where the brokers operate. Find out whether their brokers and agents have any disciplinary records. Check out the Better Business Bureau to see if the brokers you are talking to have been removed due to complaints.

Compare quotes: Since each broker competes for customers, you should compare the car transport quotes he offers to those offered by other brokers. Use the internet to locate the most cost-effective providers. Most online auto transport services are based on Open Transport, which allows them to charge competitively. The lower the cost of the shipment, the more you will save. If you compare quotes car shipping prices between various providers, you can easily identify a provider with the lowest average cost.

Calculate time to spend to get the quote: The amount of time you will need to spend to get an auto transport quote depends on the type of car shipping you require. The longer the distance, the shorter the time frame. An open transport quote usually takes two to three days, while a truck delivery will take longer. It is important to note that these are just estimates and your exact time frame may vary.