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How To Transport A RV Trailer

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RV Transport

How To Transport A RV Trailer

When most people think of RV Transport they think of long-haul truck transportation. However, the fact of the matter is that any motor home or camper can be shipped via an RV transporter. It does not matter what kind of RV you have, whether it is a Class B, they can ship them for you. There are many companies that specialize in this type of service.

One of the most popular types of transportation of recreational vehicles is flatbed towing. Over 80 percent of all global RV manufacturing takes place within and near Elkhart, IN. Three guys got together in the early 1930s and began with a simple plan to build a mobile travel trailer company in their small Indiana back yard. They named it Camping Trailer Rentals and began offering their campers low-cost, flatbed towing services. Since then, they have expanded to serving other RV owners and travelers across the United States.

Most people are familiar with the RV towing service that is offered by most major companies such as Interco and Bobcat. These large nationwide providers typically offer both motor home and RV towing. What many people don’t realize, however, is that there are companies that provide both towing and bumper pulling services. Many people think that when they hire a towing company that they are only hiring a towing company. The fact is, though, that a large number of camper trailers and fifth wheels require a little more than regular towing to make them traveling safe and securely.

For example, a flatbed or a towing company may only carry the options of a power box and a hitch to tow a car, but they also have options for towing larger RV’s like a double cab monster truck. If a motor home owner wants to take his or her recreational vehicle on a cross country trip, he or she must have RV towing that allows them to do so. For this, the person needs to have a semi pickup truck that has a twin cab with four doors. Since there are not many manufacturers building these types of RVs, the better choice is a semi pickup truck with a dual cab.

Another great way for RV towing companies to transport recreational vehicles is through a towing service that uses a hummer style motor home. This means that the person renting the motor home will have the option of choosing how he or she wants to be transported. One popular choice is to have the rental company use a hummer style motor home to tow a recreational vehicle around instead of using regular trailer towing. There are many companies that specialize in this type of motor home towing.

Some other types of travel trailers to choose from include fifth wheels and boat trailers. Fifth wheels are designed to fit inside a regular automobile frame. Some people prefer this style of travel trailer because they are easy to handle. In addition, fifth wheels often can accommodate a larger passenger capacity than other RVs. Many boat trailers, which also have a fifth wheel design, can be quite large and hard to handle. If an individual plans to rent a flatbed trailer, he or she must be sure that the flatbed can fit into the trailer or if it will require some type of conversion before it can be used as a travel trailer.

When transporting an RV trailer, it is important to know the right way to transport the RV trailer. Before leaving it on a highway, an individual should make sure that the vehicle’s hitch will fit the RV. Not all hitch styles work for all types of RVs and most hitch manufacturers have models that are specifically designed for certain types of recreational vehicles.

There are many ways that an RV owner can transport his or her recreational vehicle. One way to do so is with a Class A, B, or C motor home. Class A travel trailers are big enough to carry at least two people and their luggage. Class C motorhomes, the smallest of the three sizes, can hold up to six people and their belongings. Regardless of the size of the truck that the owner uses to transport his or her RV, transporting an RV trailer can be safe and easy.