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Motorcycle Shipping Companies – How to Avoid Pitfalls When Looking For a Shipper

If you need to transport a motorcycle, you must hire a motorcycle transport company that has the required expertise to safely move your motorcycle across state lines and into other states. A quality motorcycle transporter will place your bike on the ground of the flat bed of the truck with tie downs made specifically for motorcycles. They will also carefully unhook your motorcycle from the trailer for storage. You should be allowed to start your motorcycle early in the morning before the sun is up so that the straps do not become tangled when the truck is lowered onto the ground. Motorcycle transport companies will remove your motorcycle from the trailer for storage several days after it has been shipped to your new destination.

motorcycle transport

Some motorcycle transport services offer enclosed open trailers and closed trailers depending on the shipping situation. There are many benefits to using a motorcycle transport service that offers both types. One of the main benefits is the security of your motorcycle while it is being transported. There is nothing worse than thinking you have paid enough to open the door and out of sight in the confined space of a closed trailer. If the bike has any kind of muffler, it will be extremely hard to see through the open doors, even with a motorcycle camcorder.

Another benefit to using motorcycle shipping companies that provide both enclosed and open trailers is the security of your shipment. Most companies will board the vessel during the night to protect against any sort of intrusion. They will also close the trailer off at night to keep it safe from theft or intrusion. They will also setup a place to store the boat during the day. This means that you can take your motorcycle with you on land and off property. Once the trip is over, it will be stored securely in a locked secure container until you ship it back to you.

One final pro tip is to never purchase a bike without looking it over very carefully. Many motorcycle transport companies will offer some type of valuation coverage on your bike, but some won’t. It is important to get this valuation coverage to ensure that you receive the full value of your bike. It is easy to find out whether or not the company provides this extra cost; simply ask them.

In this article we have talked about how to avoid common pitfalls of motorcycle shipping services, as well as offering some great options for getting your shipment safely to its destination. Now that we’ve covered what you need to know about motorcycle shipments, it’s time to tell you about the one thing that you should definitely have with you on your shipment. Insurance. You never know when an accident could happen, and it is only by having insurance that you can be sure that your shipment will arrive in one piece.

Choosing a good motorcycle shipping companies is critical to the smooth transportation of your motorcycle. It’s important to make sure that the company you choose has experience moving motorcycles and knows exactly how to pack them to protect your motorcycle while it is being transported. You should also ask the company if they specialize in pick-up and delivery or if they do any both. Having a reliable shipper makes the entire process go much smoother. It may even save you money in the long run.