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Motorcycle Shipping Companies

motorcycle transport

Motorcycle Shipping Companies

When one hears the term “motorcycle transport” the immediate picture that comes to mind is a huge trailer hauling a motorcycle down the back of a truck. This may very well be a viable option, but it can also be an expensive one. If you plan on doing your own motorcycle transport, do yourself a favor and find a company that has experience moving motorcycles. There are companies out there that specialize in the transport of motorcycle’s. This is a good way to go if you have an old bike you’d like to get rid of. The companies are expert at keeping the bikes in good shape while in transit.

Some of the transportation services offer refrigerated trailers, which is a great idea if your bike is going to be exposed to the cold temperatures for an extended period of time. The transportation service will have ways of keeping the bikes in good condition so they can be shipped with maximum protection against the elements. Shipping services will also provide insurance for your belongings while in transit. This is usually just a standard insurance coverage, but is nice to have in case anything should happen to your motorcycle during shipping.

There are two main types of trailers used by motorcycle shipping companies. The first type is the enclosed trailer, or flatbed trailer. This is the most popular option and is offered by most companies. An enclosed trailer provides protection against elements such as wind and rain that can damage your motorcycle. Many times when a trailer is used for long periods of time, extra padding and pillows are installed to protect the passengers.

The other type of motorcycle transport is the flatbed trailer. This is another popular option and this is what you may need if you have more than one motorcycle to ship. Flatbed trailers are good for short trips to dealerships or for those who simply want to take their bike down to the water. These are great for those who don’t need the best features, but may need the convenience of quick loading and easy dismounting.

Every motorcycle transport service has its own price for shipping. Of course, there are hidden costs, which you should be made aware of before signing a contract with the company. Some of these include insurance, taxes, and fees. These are standard extras that are expected of all shipping companies, so you shouldn’t expect to get anything extra. If there are additional charges, these should also be made clear before purchasing the service. For example, if your state sales tax is a fee that must be paid before the motorcycle transport service will accept your bike, find out how much this fee applies to your total motorcycle bill.

Before signing any contract with any motorcycle transport services, make sure that you understand the value of your bike. Find out how large of a payment you have to make to get the bike picked up, whether you will be responsible for extra charges, and if they have any fees associated with vehicle transfers. Ask about warranties on the vehicles themselves and the process itself. Many auto transport companies will offer warranties on their vehicles. This means that if something happens to your vehicle while in their care, or during any process leading up to pick-up, that warranty will cover it. Ask questions about what type of response time you should expect, because you don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road waiting for hours.

Before shipping your motorcycle to a motorcycle shippers, make sure that the transportation service has checked the documentation thoroughly. You don’t want to ship your bike into some nondescript warehouse, only to discover that it is in bad condition. Shipping an antique is not as simple as just taking it down stairs! If the shipment service checks the documents, then they can assure you that your shipment is in safe hands.

Good shipping companies will work hard to make sure that your motorcycle is shipped properly. They will know exactly where to ship your motorcycle so that it arrives safely and quickly. Make sure you research all the options that you have for transporting motorcycles before making your decision, and you should be able to choose a reliable company to ship your prized possessions.