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Motorcycle Transport Advice

motorcycle transport

Motorcycle Transport Advice

There are two basic transport methods available to you when contemplating transporting a motorcycle from place to place. The easiest and cheapest method is to simply have somebody drive your motorcycle from place to place. This is probably the most popular method of motorcycle transport around and is also relatively inexpensive. Unfortunately this is also the least safe method, as there is little insurance coverage if the bike is stolen or damaged during transport.

Another more secure means of transport is motorcycle shipping. Motorcycle shipping companies use specially designed carriers to transport almost any kind of motorcycle, even those that aren’t in pristine condition. While there isn’t the same level of protection when transporting them this way, they are less expensive than other methods and actually insure the bikes for the full amount of the value. Some companies will even provide insurance for your motorcycle while it is in transit as well. This kind of transport is preferred by those with a lot of motorcycles or who don’t have a place to store them all.

For those looking to get an instant quote for motorcycle transport quotes, it may be wise to visit a local provider. This is especially true if you have a large number of motorcycles and aren’t just looking to get an instant quote on the cost of one transport. While you may be tempted to simply use the cheapest service available, remember that sometimes it pays to spend a bit more to make sure your investment is safe and secure. It’s also a good idea to double check with any insurance policies you might have in order to ensure that if anything happens to the motorcycle during transport that you are covered.

Some companies who offer transport for free will offer an immediate quote for the transport of your motorcycle, but you may want to consider checking out the following before committing. Companies like this may offer to take your bike in for inspection at no charge or a low-cost repair before taking it away. Many motorcycle transport companies may offer to repair damage, which can help you save money on repairs.

Once you’ve made it known that you want to get a quote for motorcycle transport, ask the transport company what the bike weight limit is. The lower the bike weight limit, the less stress it will encounter when it’s transported. You also want to ask about the transportation of non-standard bikes like cruisers, motocross cycles and dirt bikes. A transportation carrier that has non-standard bikes as part of their inventory may cost more than a carrier that will accept your custom bike.

It’s important to know what weight limit the motorcycle transport carrier has for non-standard bikes. Some companies will not take your custom bike if it weighs over 10k pounds, so you need to ask specifically if your bike weighs over 10k pounds. Some companies may have special conditions for trailers, so it’s important to ask how much weight your bike can handle before making a decision. You may find that an enclosed trailer isn’t what you need, so it’s best to determine first before you pay for the service.

Once you’ve paid for shipping and picked your bike up, you may need to arrange pick up by the Harley-Davidson dealer where you got your bike. Many of these dealerships have their own special trailer to ship your motorcycle transport, but there may be one that will ship your bike to your address. When you finally get your bike home, be sure to inspect it carefully for damages or scuffs. If you do notice any damage, contact the customer service department right away so they can inspect the damage for you and get your immediate shipping quote.

Bike shipping companies aren’t the only way you can ship your bike home. If you live near a salt water body or somewhere with high humidity, you can ship your motorcycle virtually without problems. Many saltwater locations have local bike transport companies that will take your recreational vehicle and ship it to you almost anywhere in the country. Contact the local resource for more information about bike shipping companies in your area.