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Motorcycle Transport Companies Helps You Keep Your Bike Safe

Motorcycle transport companies are everywhere. They offer a variety of transportation services for your motorcycle and other vehicles. But how do you know which one to choose? Many companies say they can pick up your bike from your home and deliver it to your destination. Is this really what you want?

motorcycle transport

Any transport company that refuses to give you a hard copy of their operational license may not be reputable and trustworthy. Find out whether the company is a recognized motorcycle shipping services company that simply sells motorcycles and it alone, or whether the company is also an auto shipping company that only deals in shipping particular motorcycle models and what they have. Ask to see their license to make sure. If the license does not list the names of any local motorcycle transport companies listed with the state’s motor vehicle department, then choose another motorcycle shipping services company.

Ask to see their insurance policy. You need to be sure that your bike will be adequately insured. Not only does liability for damages apply to the person that was driving the motorcycle when it was damaged, but you may be held responsible if you helped make sure the bike was properly insured when it left your home. Make sure that your insurance company has not only general motorcycle transport insurance but also bike insurance specific to the types of transportation you’re considering. Insurance specific to different kinds of transportation, however, may help make sure that you’re not personally liable if your bike was damaged while in transit.

Find out about any additional fees or charges. Some companies may add extra charges when it comes time to pay the motorcycle transport carrier. This is especially true when the shipment takes place at a much higher altitude or if your location has special regulations regarding the transportation of heavy motorcycles. Find out what fees and charges are associated with the service, and base your decision on those fees rather than on the shipping costs. If you have any questions, ask the shipping company or the motorcycle transport carrier.

Contact more than one motorcycle shipping services company to get an accurate cost estimate. The best way to do this is to contact each company and present your needs. Some companies have their own web sites with detailed information. You can contact them online through toll free numbers as well as through emails. Get quotes from more than one transport carrier to give you an idea of the range of prices that you’ll pay.

When you’ve narrowed down your short list of potential motorcycle transport service providers, write down their shipping quotes and contact the companies with the quotes. Review the quotes and consider the individual recommendations of the shipping service representatives. Find out what services the representatives offer. Ask each representative to provide a shipping quote to you that is based on the type of motorcycle that you’re shipping.

Once you’ve made a decision as to which motorcycle shippers will ship your bike, you’ll need to find a suitable location for transportation. This will be determined by the size and weight of the bike and the kind of vehicle it’s. There are various places that people ship their bikes, including open and enclosed motorcycle transport services.

Enclosed shipments are safer than open types of shipping because they are enclosed. An enclosed shipment can be shipped using enclosed trailers. However, not all enclosed trailers are created equal. To make sure that your bike is shipped safely and in one piece, you’ll want to use the services of top-rated motorcycle shipping companies such as Bike Transport International.