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Overland Boat Transport Services

Whether your personal needs are to relocate for business or pleasure, there’s a type of shipping service that can take care of it – boat transport. Overland transport, passenger or mooring boat transport, and specialist freight services can bring these far-away dream destinations within reach. To make your dream become reality, we’ve collected the knowledge you need for boat transport so you can cruise your vessel around exotic ports like Hong Kong or Macau.

boat transport

Boat transport is often thought of as a monotonous task, involving packing crates and loading them onto trailers, then driving them over long distances to the port of departure. But as technology improves, it’s becoming easier to arrange such trips with better efficiency. Freight services for boat transport are available in a variety of forms, including sea, land and air transport. Sea freight is the most popular of these options, owing to its availability and affordability. It takes advantage of the speed and flexibility of sea vessels and avoids the extra expenses involved in landing and boarding passenger vessels.

When hiring a boat transport company, ensure they have experience and expertise in this highly specialised field. The best companies employ specialist seafarers and experienced trailer drivers who know how to pack and load boats of varying shapes and sizes. A transporter will also have knowledge of all the laws, rules and regulations pertaining to boat movement between different ports of call. Transport companies will be able to advise you on the quickest and safest way to move your boat to your desired destination.

Before embarking on any boat transport arrangements, you must first seek suitable shipping services for your specific needs. Freight ship services typically provide air cargo and sea freight services, but not all have access to highly efficient sea or land transport. You should make sure the company has the necessary contacts to obtain access to the boat of your choice, as well as the requisite insurance cover. Some of the major insurance providers for sea cargo include Cargil, Cunard and Metal Xporters. There are other insurance providers for land-based shipping, including AIG, Britainese, British Sea freight, CMS, ETA, Ferro Industries, Global Services, Ireland’s HS2 Ltd and Italy’s FID. Insurance coverage for your boat transport requirements should be arranged either by the company of your choice or through an insurance agent.

Loading and unloading a boat is an important pre-planning stage, which must be undertaken with expert care. Ensure that your chosen boat transport company has expert personnel who can carry out this task in a competent manner. They should also provide a loading ramp, suitable for the kind of boat you have. Make sure that the ramp is easily assembled and disassembled at the site for easy access, especially if your boat trailer is more than 10 feet long.

Overhead boat transport is a popular option for many people, as it provides quick service and flexibility. It may include pick up and drop off points at airfields and ferries. It is often used when you want to transport an oversized boat, or ship that is too large for a traditional ship carrier. Overhead boat transport can also be used to bring a boat to different locations, such as a marina or a yacht club.

The main benefit of this mode of boat transportation is that it saves you money on costs incurred during transporting the boat, as well as the cost of hiring a ship. Boat trailers are not designed for carrying very heavy and gigantic vessels, which explains why these trailers are only suitable for lighter boats and smaller vessels. Larger boats or ships can be carried using flat-bed trailers, which are widely used for transporting motorbikes and automobiles. However, flat-bed trailers aren’t designed for transporting extremely heavy and bulky vessels, so use this option only if your boat can be transported by other means.

You should also keep in mind that boat trailers are only meant for transporting boats that are at least eight feet long. For boats that measure more than 8 feet, you will need a specialized trailer to carry them, as overland boat transport is usually illegal in most places. Keep in mind that the size of your boat and the trailer make a difference when determining the price of the service. The more expensive rates are charged for bigger boats, as they require special equipment to carry them. If you have a smaller boat, you should consider looking into mini trailers to save some money.