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The Articles Of Transport We Should Know About

Transport, also called transportation, is the physical movement of animals, people and products from one place to another. Simply put, the act of transport is defined when the physical act of moving something from A to B is done by a living being. Therefore, transport refers to living organisms moving from A to B. Transport is a broad term because transport can be oriented in many different ways. Transport can be physical, chemical or economical.


The physical aspects of transport include road transport, air transport, rail transport and water transport. Public transport is generally regarded as the system that delivers public goods (commonly known as freight). Freight is generally delivered by road: for instance, goods bought at the local supermarket or gas station are delivered by trucks or trains to their destination. Rail transport on the other hand, involves the transport of large volumes of freight by rail trucks. Private transport on the other hand refers to the movement and storage of personal belongings, such as clothes or furniture.

The economic aspect of transport refers to the market value of the transport assets. The main article of economic transport is petroleum. Petroleum is the most valuable resource used for the production of fuels and consequently, is the main article of economic transport.

The three main components of transport systems are vehicle, equipment and infrastructure. A vehicle is any moving object used in transport. The most commonly used vehicles in transport are cars and trucks. Other types of transportation vehicles include buses, trains and lorries. Automobiles have become the primary mode of transport for private citizens, with trucks now becoming the main article of transport for businesses.

Equipment is the second main article of transport. It consists of machines that are used to transport loads. The most common equipment in freight transport are refrigeration units, conveyor belts, forklifts and water transport engines. Warehousing and distribution are other important elements of the main article of freight transport.

There are various forms of freight transportation. The main article of freight transport is air freight. The main mode of transporting freight by air is with the use of air freight containers.

Sustainable transport systems are based on the efficient use of existing resources in an environmentally friendly way. Therefore, it is not just about the amount of freight that can be transported but also the kind of freight. For instance, it is not advisable to transport heavy loads in open trailers since the fragile nature of cargo could be damaged.

The third main article of transport is transport by road. This transport mode constitutes the use of road vehicles to transport cargo. Common road vehicles that are used to transport goods are trucks and buses. Trucks can transport goods both internally and externally. Buses are used to transport people as well as cargo. The main factors to be considered for efficient bus transport are safety features, speed, comfort, reliability and fuel economy.

The fourth main article of transport is passenger transportation. The mode of transport associated with passenger cars and trucks is commonly known as taxiing. Although these modes of transport have been around for centuries, the main reason why these modes of transport are popular is because they offer quick service to passengers. However, the need for an efficient road network must also be factored in.

Another common transport method is land transportation. This mainly involves the use of large vehicles like lorries. Common freight transportation means moving freight from one location to another. This is widely used by the major international shipping companies. It involves the use of trains, trucks and airplanes. Although these modes of transport are widely used, they are generally inefficient due to their size and weight.

The fifth main article of transport is the railway transport. The railway transport can either be road or rail transport. Road transport is the most commonly used modes of transport, as it is more convenient and faster than rail transport. However, the cost of railway transport is much higher than any other mode of transport and therefore rail transport has gradually replaced by road transport in some developed countries like UK and US.

The six main articles of transport commonly used in developed countries are air transport, road transport, courier, freight, maritime and freight shipping. These provide a safe and fast means of transporting goods from one place to the other. However, these methods often fail due to a number of reasons. Natural disasters, terrorist attacks and shortage of space often lead to delays in these methods of transport