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The Different Types of RV Transport

If you own an RV, it’s very important that you hire an experienced RV Transport service to load your RV at the destination. An expert RV transport company will load your RV in a safe and secure manner, so that it arrives in the new location with full functionality. Hiring professional RV Transport Services can help to ensure that your RV arrives in good condition at the destination. Some of the common ways in which an RV is shipped include:

RV Transport

o Door to door RV Transportation. RV manufacturers assign specialized trucks to transport motorhomes and recreational vehicles (RVs) from the manufacturing facilities to the retail stores. The transport services use independent contracted drivers to bring the RVs to various RV dealerships. They secure the vehicles using heavy duty locks and ensure that the doors are safely closed upon arrival at the dealership.

o Towing and Hauling RV trailers across the country. RV transporters provide professional, safe and timely services for transferring RV trailers across the country. They secure the trailers using quality welded tie down chains, securing the tires to the bed structure. Various transporters have tie-down systems which tie down both the RV tires and the tow rope; this prevents the tires from moving when the tow is being done. When traveling on the highway, the drivers tie the RV to a trailer; this prevents damage to their RVs.

o Used motorhomes and travel trailers. An experienced RV transport company makes the transition easier between ownerships. They help owners sell their used RV at a profit. They also help owners to get cash for their used RV through pay for sale transactions. These companies offer various ways of transporting the RV, ranging from loading and offloading to road transportation.

o Pickup trucks. Not only do they provide professional services, but they also provide affordable and reliable transportation solutions. When transporting RVs, most RV transport companies opt for pick up trucks, as they can easily carry the RV to various destinations, ensuring the smooth transfer. They can also bring the RV to and from the driveway or the parking lot.

o Vehicle shipping. Motorhomes are big and heavy vehicles that need proper transportation solutions to make them reach their destinations. When transporting recreational vehicles, it is important that drivers find appropriate and affordable vehicle shipping services. These companies normally provide reliable and cost effective means of transporting the RV from one place to another.

o Carriers. Most people who travel with their RV trailers opt to hire trucking companies for hauling their recreational vehicles. They provide safe and timely service to ensure that the vehicle arrives at its destination safely. They are specially trained in driving large trucks and know how to handle different types of trailers.

o Trailer towing. Towing an RV trailer is another way of hauling an RV. In order to do this, the driver should have knowledge in driving and maneuvering large vehicles. The towing process usually takes more time than the actual transportation of the RV. Drivers who wish to save money can opt to pay a towing company to perform the task for them, as they usually charge per mile.

o Bumper pullers. RV enthusiasts who opt to travel with trailers have another option – a trailer towing unit. These specialized vehicles are perfect for towing trailers containing sleeping units and other accessories. Some popular brands of bumper pullers include Swamper, Traxxas and Pace-Edwards. It is advisable to call a few companies for information on pricing and services.

o Haulers. If you want to save even more money, you can rent a fully-qualified tow truck to transport your RV trailer. You can find a wide range of fully equipped haulers at rental agencies across the U.S., including American Trucking, Budget Trailer Rental and Trailmobile. You can contact a reputable trailer rental service to schedule an appointment for a test drive or simply to ask about available trailers.

One of the best ways to transport your travel trailers is by hiring a professionally designed a trailer. These trailers are specially made to carry larger trailers that usually cannot be towed alone. They have the capacity to carry various items like; refrigerators, appliances, cars, furniture and even oversized golf kits. These are generally available at travel trailer rentals agencies and are quite inexpensive. Alternatively, you could look into other options such as using an enclosed box or putting your trailer in a van.