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Tips For Choosing a Car Transport Company

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Tips For Choosing a Car Transport Company

Auto transport brokerage is a kind of cargo brokerage that specializes not only in the transportation and shipping of automobiles, but also a variety of other vehicles. Almost all automobiles shipped in the U.S. nowadays are large trucks and cars, but almost all brokers deal with RVs, boats and motorcycles as well. The main benefit of using an automobile shipping company is the speed with which the truck or car can be delivered to its destination. Freight shipping is faster than most shipping methods used for transporting automobiles. If you are shipping your automobile in a truck, trailer or a ship, there are certain preparations that need to be made beforehand. Here are some tips on how to transport your vehicle when using an auto transporter or brokerage firm:

Make sure to provide insurance coverage for your vehicles during transport. Not only will this reduce the risk of legal issues, it is also important if the transportation involves far-off locations. Almost all auto transport carriers require you to provide them with a copy of your auto insurance policy. This insurance coverage will give you peace of mind and make sure that you and your auto transportation carrier will be taken care of in case of any damage or accident during transportation.

Arrange and pay for a hitch locker. Almost all carriers and agents offer a standard metallic hitch lock on the back of the vehicles to keep them secured while in transit. If you have a classic car, it is a good idea to invest in one. Hitch locks secure the back of the vehicle so that other people cannot just take off with your vehicle without your permission. Some carriers and brokers may also charge you extra to lock your classic car.

Choose a safe location for pick up. A lot of people who use auto transporters to transport their cars usually go to the most remote areas. But even if you choose a reasonably remote area, always make sure that the place you pick up your car carrier vehicles from has a stable road and is not too remote. The reason why you would want to go to such a location is to avoid encountering dangerous or hostile people.

Ask for the best rates. The auto transport services, you are using should be able to show you the best rates and deals. If you are going to use a local broker to pick up your vehicles, ask him to find you the best rates and services. If he cannot do this for you, try using a different provider. Brokers are usually connected with several different carriers and therefore they know which are the cheapest and which are the most efficient.

Make sure you can drive your car onto the auto transport vessel. Most auto transporters only accept insured and licensed vehicles for transportation. You may also want to inquire about the possibility of allowing additional drivers to drive on the vessel with you.

Ask about the loading and unloading procedure. Some car transporters only allow one person to drive the vehicle during the pickup. This means that you will have to get a driver to help you with loading the vehicles into the vehicle carriers. If your company only uses semi-passenger vehicles, make sure you get a written quote from the auto transport companies regarding the loading procedure. This will give you an idea about the time it will take to load your vehicle.

Find out how long the process will take. Some auto transporters will provide you with a written quote. You should compare this to the time the auto transport companies will take to load your vehicles. This is important so that you can plan your trip according to how fast you need your car carriers to reach their destination. Some of the car carriers may take days and nights to get to their destinations.