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Tips When Choosing the Right Car Shipper for Your Auto Transport Carrier Insurance Policy

Yes, car shippers are giving out lower quotes than ever. But, are they really reliable? Not always. And yes, that’s all is good and dandy – until you need to ship out hundreds of cars in the summer.

Every car carrier in the U.S. has an inventory. Some are in a large distribution center, some are in small numbers. The company that owns the property where those trucks and trailer trailers are parked is the one that determines the best way to move a car from Point A to Point B. And yes, that’s also why a car shipper can offer the lowest quoted price: because they’re the ones determining how many pickups they have in their inventory. All the rest is done by the trucking company’s driver.

So what does that mean for a car shipper? It means you may be paying the most for your pickup if you go with the biggest carrier in your area. That’s a shame, because there is good and bad about all of the big carriers. The best thing to do is to know exactly what kind of insurance policy you have. If it doesn’t include a boatload of vehicles, don’t even think about using them!

Many of the big carriers have several pick-up locations throughout the country. That means they have a fleet of drivers ready to make a pickup any time you need one. However, the downside is that those drivers could be from another city or state and not even live within your service area. Those “instant” vehicles are just that: instant. The company doesn’t have time to prepare the vehicle to pick up the next load. If they are booked solid, you could be out of luck when you need to move your vehicle quickly.

So how do you avoid this problem? One way is to contract with a car shipper who ships Alaska vehicles only. These companies will have the knowledge and experience necessary to make your move pain-free. They will take care of all the details from packing your truck, to loading it, to unloading it, to hauling it to its final destination. In some cases, they will even help ship your vehicle overseas if it fits within their international guidelines.

A good way to find the best Alaska car haulers is to check online instant pricing for each company. Look for Alaska shipping companies who charge the least amount for their services. That doesn’t mean the cheapest shipper always has the best service, but it does mean there is one you can trust. Instant pricing quotes will show you the cheapest rate for the exact services you need, as well as what the company has to offer.

The other thing you should look for is an Alaska vehicle shipping company that has been in business for at least a few years. Experience is the key to knowing whether or not the company can safely ship your truck and trailer, as well as safely receive it once it has been shipped. Hiring a company that has used to transporting freight to and from Alaska is especially important. Not only does this ensure you won’t be disappointed with the delivery, but also it ensures the driver will be competent enough to deliver your cargo in a safe manner. This means the truck will be loaded and offloaded properly, avoiding damage to your belongings along the way. And, if anything does happen to your goods upon arrival, the driver will be able to report it immediately, without having to worry about insurance claims or leaving your belongings damaged while he looks for someone to help with taking care of it.

You also need to keep in mind that you will have to purchase the Alaska auto transport carrier insurance policy through a company that you already do business with, if you want to have peace of mind that your personal items and vehicles are insured. If you don’t already do business with one of these companies, find out which companies they are affiliated with and then find out what their policy offers to drivers transporting goods. Then inquire about which types of goods they will insure, such as autos, RVs, boats and other personal items. A good auto transport carrier insurance policy will provide financial protection for your personal possessions, as well as the physical property of your business.