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Top 5 Ways of Transporting Goods

Transport, or movement, is actually the movement of living things, animals and humans from one place to another. Simply put, the act of transport is designated as that specific moving of an object or an organism from a specific point A to a specific point B. Different transport means involving various modes of transportation and each mode has distinct characteristics that make it appropriate for particular purposes.


For instance, a distribution chain is considered the most common form of transport today. In a distribution chain, one transportation sector delivers goods to one location while another transport sector delivers the goods at another location. The goods in one location are then transported to another location. Both the types of transport need to cross paths to deliver their products to the final destination.

Freight transport is also among the most prevalent forms of transportation today. In freight transportation, a certain vehicle transports freight from a first location to a second location. However, unlike the distribution, there is a physical contact or locomotive between the freight train and the train carrying the goods as well as the truck or tractor that is carrying the goods. Thus, freight is usually delivered by trucks or by trains. Other means of freight transportation include air freight as well as ship shipping.

By far, maritime transport is the most cost-effective means of transportation today. This method includes the use of water as well as land-based rail transport such as ocean and inland sea liners, air cargo transport and land freight transport. There is not one single transport but multiple transport means for moving different kinds of objects from one location to another, depending on the final destination and time constraints. For instance, ships can be used to transport bulk cargo or liquid cargo through the ocean. Air transport like courier flights can also be used for short distances within a country. However, ship transport is the most expensive means of transport around.

Although the above mentioned transport methods are quite popular, they cannot be termed as the most common means of transporting objects. In fact, they are only found in the number of 5 transport means that are commonly used for transporting objects. Thus, shipping companies have introduced the so-called ‘other transport’ into the market to counter the problem of limited resources and transportation budgets.

The third most common transport in the supply chain is the rail supply chain. Rail transport can either be line haul or non-line haul because of the different costs involved in each type of transportation. Line haul is cost-effective when it comes to short distances, whereas non-line haul transport is more cost-effective when it comes to long distance transport. Thus, rail transport has become the cheapest means of transport in the supply chain with both long and short distances.