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Transporting Boats – How Can You Save Money?

Shipping companies offer various boat transport services with three basic methods of transport: by sea, by land, or by ship. The price varies for each of these shipping options. Sailing a boat across the ocean is obviously an expensive option for long-distance shipping a bulky boat. However, it is also a practical solution when shipping small boats that need to be shipped long distances. It is important to take into account factors such as load size and speed when planning a long distance boat transport.

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Boat transport by land is quite common especially for the larger and bulkier boats. Smaller boats, which can be over 100 feet in length, can be transported by land. This method of boat transportation needs a very strong boat trailer which can accommodate the weight of the boat when placed on it. In addition to strong trailers, the cargo should also be covered with cargo insurance to protect the items in the cargo compartment.

There are many methods that can be used to transport large boats. A skipper or driver drives the boat from the port to the desired destination where the vessel will be stored overnight. This type of transport service typically takes one day to complete depending on the type of boat and distance travelled. One disadvantage of using this service is that the driver will be paid only during the period that he is storing the boat. Other advantages include avoiding additional wear and tear on the trailer, and protection against theft.

Boat transport by sea requires the use of a sea-going trailer. It is possible to charter a sea-going trailer but it is expensive and impractical. Also, make sure that you have taken care of any necessary repairs before embarking on the journey. If there are any problems during the journey, it is difficult to blame the transporter because you did not take care of the transportation of your boat.

When you choose to transport your boat by land, you will need to find a good shipping company that can assist you in loading and unloading the cargo safely. The shipping company will use special equipment to transport the vessel from the port to the desired destination. The shipping company can also provide insurance for the cargo during transport. Before hiring a shipping company, make sure that the company has experience in ship transportation. Also check whether the company provides any form of insurance cover for the cargo.

Smaller boats that do not carry heavy cargo can be transported by driving them on the highway. However, this service may prove expensive as the trip needs to be made every day. Boats that are over ten tons should be transported using trucks. These can be driven on state highways provided the highways are no less than fifteen miles long.

If you want to save some money on transportation, you can hire a motor boat transport company. Motor boat transport companies are expert in the transportation of small to medium sized vessels. These transporters have their own trailers that are used to transport boats of different types. Most of these companies also provide insurance coverage for the goods being transported. For best boat transport service, find a transporter who provides services both on land and in water.

Smaller canoes or kayaks can be transported by road. You will need to rent a trailer, which is bigger than the boat. The trailer should be equipped with straps for securing the boat at different points. It is advisable to place the boat on the trailer while the transporters prepare the trailer for transporting the boat. Boats that are being transported via water do not require any special trailer as water does not create a problem during the transportation of the boat.