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What Are Auto Towing Services?

Auto haulers and tow companies aren’t the same thing though. A towing company typically transports operational vehicles long distances to let the owner get the car repaired immediately. When a car won’t start, people call in a towing company for immediate assistance since most of the time, towing services can fix problems with a car in less than an hour. However, there are some instances where a towing company can’t get a car started or even doesn’t know how to get started.

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If this happens to you are stranded on the side of the road with a broken down vehicle, then you need to contact one of the many auto haulers in your area. Auto haulers provide emergency transportation services whenever you are unable to drive due to mechanical problems or some kind of emergency. They also provide non-emergency towing services as well, but most of the time, people call in towing services whenever they need help hauling their vehicles away. The following are tips to help you determine if you should use a towing company for emergency transportation of your vehicle.

Open Car Shipping: Some people refer to open car shipping as mobile auto haulers. Other people call it a flatbed trailer. What makes it different? Basically, open car shipping allows the driver to easily attach and detach the trailer from the car, rather than having to unhook the entire car and fit it into the trailer.

Don’t Use a High School Driver: Not every auto haulers in the country offers this service for teens. In order to qualify for this service, a teen needs to be at least 16 years old. Many times, a licensed adult will be accompanying the teen, who must sign a release form from their insurance company permitting them to use the auto trailer. If the insurance company approves, the teenager can hit the road with the trailer attached to their car. If anything goes wrong, no one is held accountable.

Do Use an Older Vehicle: Many of the newer cars and trucks on the market today are designed to travel faster and farther. However, there are also many older cars and trucks that are much more suited for auto haulers. Older vehicles tend to have less wear and tear on their engines, as well as having fewer mechanical parts that may break down.

Get the Right Insurance: When you’re using an auto hauler to haul your car or other vehicle, it’s important to remember that there is insurance involved. In particular, towing companies require automobile insurance coverage. Unless you already have full coverage, you may want to purchase at least third party only insurance, which is available through several towing companies. This type of coverage will cover other drivers if they damage your car or cause an accident. You may be responsible for additional expenses, however.

Consider Towing Services: Some auto haulers come with a special service or program for towing cars and other vehicles. This may include the ability to use their equipment for several different types of carriers, including flatbed, enclosed semi, and open trailer. Such services are usually intended to help people who need to transport large amount of vehicles, and not for people who simply want to transport their cars in a specific way. If you need this type of service, be sure to check out the prices of the different carriers.

Haulers that specialize in towing can help you save money on the total cost of auto transportation. Before you make a decision on which tow truck to purchase, be sure to check the prices of towing services at a variety of different companies. Then, if you find that some companies charge more than others, it won’t hurt to shop around and see if you can save money on towing costs. There are plenty of auto haulers out there that are extremely reliable and reasonably priced, so be sure to ask questions and do your research before making a final decision.