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What You Need to Know About Auto Transport

An auto transport agent is a kind of freight broker who specializes in the transportation and shipping of automobiles. Most automobiles shipped to the U.S. every year are big trucks and cars, but most brokers deal with RVs, boats and other kinds of automobiles as well. An auto transport broker can act as a middleman between you and the manufacturer or trucking company that sold you the automobile. They may also act as a kind of go-between and help you find a shipper for your automobile as well as help you to arrange the delivery of the vehicle once it’s on your way. Brokers also help you find a place to ship your car from, such as a dealership or your home. They can also tell you how long you’ll have to stay with your car, the value of your car and what kind of documentation you need to bring with you when you ship your automobile to the carrier.

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Some auto transport brokers are independent, and others are part of larger companies such as Warren Trucker or Enterprise. Fleet brokers work for one company, while independent brokers are often independent contractors that work for multiple brokerage firms. Independent auto brokers must obtain their licensing from the Texas Department of Licensing and have a certificate of insurance. Brokers working for fleet brokerage firms need a fleet dealer license. The dealer holds an insurance policy and acts as the broker for his company.

One type of auto transport company is the national chain of auto shippers and carriers. These companies are sometimes part of larger shipping companies or are independently owned and operated. In the case of the former, the company would be broken into smaller carriers which would distribute the cars on a truck-by-truck basis. If you use one of these national chains, you’ll probably have more options and may have a better chance of finding the right car carrier for your needs.

Another type of auto transport broker firm is the enclosed car carrier. These types of companies usually have contracts with larger auto shipping companies such as International Movers and Shakers. Because of this they may also have access to unloading areas and loading points. Enclosed car carriers will have a chartered warehouse in which they store the cars when not being used by customers.

When using an enclosed car carrier, brokers must obtain an insurance certificate for every vehicle that the business is authorized to haul. Some types of auto transport brokers can obtain separate insurance certificates for each car. This is good if you have a specialized car carrier that requires special insurance.

There are other auto transport brokers that provide strictly non-asset-based services. These companies may not purchase insurance for auto shipments, nor do they require specialized insurance. These companies may provide non-asset-based services such as storing cars overnight. They are more cost effective than brokers that require specific insurance coverage for all auto transportation needs.

Brokers can be helpful, however. If a company is too busy to return a car to a customer, or they are inexperienced, it is important to choose a good auto transport companies that have a good track record. It is also important to select the auto transport companies that will assist a customer through all the necessary steps during the auto transport process. Good customer service is a must and should be one of the criteria for selecting a company.

Car transport carriers must be insured. To ensure this, they should carry adequate insurance to cover possible damages to the vehicle in transit. If a customer decides to return their vehicle because it did not meet expectations, the customer must notify the auto carrier within 6 days of the decision. Within six days, the carrier must return the car to the customer and notify them within 6 days that the vehicle was received into the country.