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What You Should Know About RV Transport

RV Transport

What You Should Know About RV Transport

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RV and motorhome transportation needs experienced drivers. Drivers’ licenses are a must-have when it comes to RV and motorhome transportation. The great thing about this is that you get to choose the driver that is right for you. This is because the drivers are fully briefed about the RV and what they will be doing. They are also aware of the safest routes in the entire camping world, not to mention the most beautiful sites.

As for motorhome and RVs in general, it’s good to know that in most states, laws and regulations regarding these motorhomes are very strict. These laws are intended to protect the RV and its drivers. Laws pertaining to motorhomes and RVs in the state of California include: “No person may operate an automobile on a public road in this State unless the operator has complied with all regulations of this state relating to automobiles.” – Californian Motor Vehicle Code, Section 12bb.

Most RV transport companies will give you the option of driving the RV yourself or hiring a driver to drive it for you. Driving the motor home by yourself is a great idea if you don’t know how to drive. It will definitely make things easier for you. However, if you think you’ll be using your motorhome often enough to warrant having a driver, then it’s best to just hire a driver from a reputable company. Be sure to ask them about their insurance and bonding background, as well as their credentials for driving RVs.

You should also look into the background of the drivers who will be transporting your RV. Not only does the size of your motorhome affect who will be driving it, but age, driving record, and criminal record affect RV drivers, too. Check out different online forums to find the best recommendations for transportation services and convincing drivers. Good, reputable companies will always have positive reviews, so look for these testimonials.

When choosing transportation for your motorhomes, you should consider what you’d prefer. Tow-away services provide you with a safe, reliable way to transport your motorhomes. Some people love the independence that comes with having their own transport, while others prefer to rely on professional tow-away services that can pick their motorhomes up and deliver them when they are ready. For the independent type, both options can be great choices, though many people prefer the security that comes with choosing to transport their RV on their own.

A new trend in RV transport is to combine travel trailers and fifth wheels. These combinations allow people to take all of their items with them wherever they go. Combining your RV with another RV or truck lets you save money because you won’t need to pay for separate auto towing service. Many insurance companies cover combination trailers and fifth wheels, so check with your provider to see if they offer any special deals for towing with an RV trailer.

The important thing to remember about transportation of RV trailers is that you never want to choose the first company you come across. Instead, start with a list of questions that you can ask every driver you’re considering hiring. Find out how long they’ve been in business, what vehicles they drive, and what kind of reputation they’ve gotten for safely transporting recreational vehicles. Also, make sure you know what size trailer they’re offering. Not all trailers are available in all sizes, so make sure you’re not charged more for a large capacity trailer than a small one. You should also inquire about any special pricing or warranties that might be offered to ensure you’ll be able to repair or replace your RV if anything happens during transportation.