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Why Buy Auto Haulers?

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Auto haulers have changed over time for the better. No longer are they used strictly for the transportation of large items and that’s it. Now there are so many uses for this wonderful vehicle that no matter what you need it for, you can probably find a use for one. Here is a look at the types of jobs an auto hauler can do for you and how they have evolved over the years.

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Car Hauling: Open Car Hauls Just like open car trucks, auto haulers can haul cars. However, because many people have started to use mini-vans, it is also possible to haul smaller cars and trucks. There are many different types of auto haulers, just like open car trucks. Some of the most popular types include: mini-vans, 4-wheel drive trucks, and power sliding trucks. They also come in many different styles and sizes with many different features, accessories and power sources.

Storage and Mobile Off Highway Storage Mobile auto haulers can also be used off the road to haul cars and other vehicles. Of course, many people use them both for transporting personal automobiles and supplying mobile off highway storage. This type of vehicle is designed for taking extremely heavy loads that exceed the front end load limit of some small trucks. These vehicles are built to withstand very heavy loads, including those that exceed the rear end weight limit of many small trucks. Many are also designed with a large bed space to transport long items that must be taken long distances.

Fuel Costs: Reduce Automobile Fuel Costs One way that auto haulers help reduce fuel costs is by reducing unnecessary acceleration and deceleration during heavy use. Acceleration can waste valuable time getting an automobile out of the garage, while deceleration eats into valuable fuel time. This wasted energy can be used to make trips longer or add additional stops along the way to reduce wasted gasoline. In addition, many are fitted with the latest computer systems that continually track mileage and other data so that efficient auto transport is made even more economical. This allows the driver to set the maximum speeds that are necessary to get the most mileage out of each tank of fuel.

Reduced Car Injury Dangers Auto haulers can actually help reduce automobile injury or fatality rates because they provide a safer environment for those who drive, as well as for those who are passengers. This type of transport is designed to prevent drivers from being injured in the event of an accident. This type of transportation reduces injuries associated with traffic-related accidents. For example, statistics show that people involved in automobile accidents are four times as likely to suffer an auto hauler injury compared to other drivers. This injury reduction rate is especially significant for personal injuries such as whiplash, back injuries and spinal cord injuries.

Savvy Drivers Save on Fuel Costs Many people who use auto haulers to transfer their cars to and from their home or place of business often times save money on fuel costs. This is due to the fact that it’s nearly impossible to predict how much fuel will be needed to get several miles to the next destination. That’s why it’s smart to invest in a reliable auto hauler so that you don’t have to worry about making multiple trips to the gas station during the workday. This can save you money and time on the road, as well as saving you from wasting gasoline. The savings that you’ll realize on fuel costs alone are worth the investment.

New Vehicles Offer Cleaner Transportation When people buy new vehicles, they often experience problems with grease, grime and dirt build-up on the interior. These factors compromise the interior’s ability to properly protect drivers and passengers. But when you use car haulers to move your cars and trucks, you eliminate the potential for all of this. Not only does this make the inside of your new vehicle cleaner, it also means that you’ll have easier driving control.

So if you’re considering investing in a new or used auto haulers, you should know that you’re making an excellent decision. Auto haulers save time, money, aggravation, frustration and health in general. And that’s not even counting the benefits to your bottom line! So put your best foot forward and order your trailer or auto hauler today!