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Why Choose a Car Shipping Agent Over a Truck Driver?

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Why Choose a Car Shipping Agent Over a Truck Driver?

If you’re shipping a car overseas, you’ve probably been offered a car shipper quote. And if you’re like most people, you may have been impressed by the low cost. But did you also realize that car shippers are different than other car shipping companies? Yes, and so too is virtually every other car shipping company offering free quotes. However, no car shipper in the U.S. actually owns enough trailers and trucks to service the country.

Car shipping companies like Mr. Car Shipper isn’t necessary to link up an individual who wants to send a car to a reputable car carrier on the move at the right time. They simply act as a middleman. Their job is to link up a person looking to transport a vehicle and a transportation company that has the resources and vehicles to safely transport it. That’s why many people feel that they save money this way – because they’re not having to deal directly with either the shipper or the shipping company.

However, when a broker provides you with the quotes, those savings disappear. You and the car shipper go back to the start, have made arrangements with the carrier where you live. Then, you have to arrange the specific dates for your vehicle to be shipped and you’re faced with another long-winded process once you reach the point of picking up the vehicle. A broker doesn’t help you with this; in fact, it can make things even more difficult for you.

Why don’t more brokers provide you with a vehicle shipping quote? Because they don’t earn much on them. In most cases, brokers get paid by the companies that they transport vehicles for. The larger the vehicle, the more money they will make. So, they don’t want to provide you with estimates that are too low. They also don’t want to provide estimates that are too high – because then they would lose business.

So auto transport brokers that provide you with vehicle shipping quotes are trying to make a living. They can’t guarantee you the lowest rates; because the carriers that they represent aren’t in business just to make a profit. So, you’ll generally find estimates within a range. This is both the shipper’s and the broker’s responsibility to provide you with accurate information.

And here’s the really unfortunate part about that. There are people out there who take auto transport brokers to task over giving them accurate quotes. These people believe that brokers are getting paid to provide quotes; therefore, they don’t give them the full estimate. But that’s not true. The car shipper is the one who is legally responsible for providing you with all of the relevant information; including prices.

You can always expect to pay a bit more than a dealer or private individual would for a truck. But, when you factor in the truck’s value and the fact that the experienced auto transport brokers can help you get the best deal, it is certainly worth paying a bit more. You won’t be cheated or mis-sold a truck; and the truck dealer can’t make up for that. That’s why it is important to get as many estimates as possible.

One of the most useful aspects of a car shipper is the ability to offer a comprehensive breakdown of the cargo and its current condition. The shipper may be able to provide you with this information before you make a decision to purchase a vehicle from them. This gives you an edge over other auto transport brokers. It allows you to purchase your own pick-up truck to ensure that it is in tip-top shape when you are ready to use it for transporting your vehicle. A car shipper will have a truck ready to go when you call them, so you can rest assured knowing that your pick-up is in good hands.